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Simple Buttermilk Coffee Cake

This coffee cake is a great treat anytime of the day. It's great for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. It's extremely easy to make and will always be a hit...

Author: Amy

Barbie Doll Cake

A cake that is the skirt for a doll. The icing can be piped on to make it look like a fancy dress. Make 4 cups of white frosting or use ready-made.


Erupting Volcano Cake

Chocolate volcano cake with hard candy lava and erupting marshmallow fluff®. You can do almost anything to decorate this cake. Be creative according to...

Author: buffet1

Apple Cake III

This is really an old recipe. It's quick and easy. Hope you enjoy it.

Author: Mary Ann Benzon

Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Cake

Oh my gosh...this recipe is the bomb! If you do not want to spend the time on make cinnamon rolls the traditional way then this recipe is for you! I found...

Author: Crystal Colburn

Baby Food Cake I

A co-worker always brought this cake for birthdays. It is very simple, quick to make and VERY moist. Use any flavor cake mix with pudding in the mix.

Author: Lori

Shoo Fly Cake

A variation on the old Pennsylvania Dutch favorite, Shoo Fly Pie. Not as sweet or gooey as Shoo Fly Pie, this cake is much better the day after you bake...

Author: Amy Moore

Grandma Ruby's Buttermilk Pound Cake

This lemon butter pound cake is super-moist and dense. It's not for those watching calories! It's a great comfort food and goes especially well with vanilla...

Author: James Buddy Clower

Gold Cake

This is a great yellow cake which uses up your leftover egg yolks, especially after making an angel food cake. Ice with white icing, coffee icing or chocolate...

Author: Carol

Eggless Milkless Butterless Cake

This is a spice type cake. It is from the depression era or war time rationing.

Author: Kathy Thurston

Pineapple Cake With Pineapple Glaze

this recipe by Stefanie Getz

Author: Donna Barre-Brown

Master Recipe for Rich and Creamy Cheesecake

Make this creamy, decadent dessert, then add zest with new flavors.

Author: USA WEEKEND Pam Anderson

Easy Dump Cake

An EASY, moist, and delicious cake. You just dump all the ingredients in a bowl and mix. PERFECT for 1st-time bakers!

Author: Meredith

Wacky Cake

Wacky cake is spongy and unlike most desserts, because no eggs or milk are used to make it (a great recipe if your family has food allergies). It's a wonderful...

Author: Candy Ayers

Delightfully Exotic Mango Cake

This moist cake is deliciously sweetened with mango pulp with a moist texture. Simply amazing and super easy!

Author: LIV6

Country Pound Cake

This a really good down-home style, back to basics pound cake that my whole family enjoys! This recipe was handed down to me with the stipulation of placing...

Author: Morgan

Moon Cake

I got this simple yet delicious recipe from a lady named Elaine, who I work for. I work in a kitchen of a country club and this is one of many desserts...

Author: TARYN003

Mississippi Mud Cake I

This very rich cake with coffee, rum, and chocolate is sure to become one of your favorite recipes once you taste it.

Author: Amy

Little debbie nutty bar cheesecake recipe

this is so good if you like nutty bars and peanut butter

Author: jean clements

Easter Lamb Cake II

This white cake is baked in a lamb mold for Easter and can be decorated to look like a little lamb. If desired, spices can be added just before adding...

Author: Patricia Taylor

Nutmeg Cake

This is not that common of a cake, but it sure is good.

Author: Carol

Chocolate Frosting

Here is a buttercream frosting like your grandmother might have made. Pair it with chocolate cake for a rich birthday treat.

Author: Melissa Clark

Chocolate Sheet Cake II

A very moist chocolate cake. Top with chocolate frosting.

Author: Andrea

Boston Cream Cake

This recipe uses cake mix, pudding mix, and prepared chocolate icing to make an easy and delicious version of Boston Cream Pie.

Author: Glenda

Amish friendship Chocolate Cake

tired of friendship bread why not try chocolate cake.

Author: Stormy Stewart

Mom McGee's Black Walnut Pound Cake

Pound Cakes are one of my all time favorite desserts. I love the simple goodness of them. This Black Walnut Pound Cake has to be at the top of my list....

Author: Debbie Thurmond

Eggless, Milkless, Butterless Cake III

This cake comes in handy when all you have left in the cupboard is the tin soups just before shopping day. It really was a treat served warm when we came...

Author: Bernadette Beaupre

Boston Cream Pie II

Yellow cake filled with custard and topped with chocolate icing--yummy!

Author: JBS BOX

Chocolate Cream Filled Cupcakes with Fudge Icing

This cupcake is an old favorite. It reminds me of the filled cupcakes my mom would buy at the store. I created it when I was 15 for the drama club and...

Author: sphinxriddle

Ukrainian Sour Cream Poppy Seed Cake

This cake is very light, tender, and tasty. It's fun to make and fun to eat. Two layers of sour cream poppy seed cake, with a luscious lemon filling. Frost...

Author: Olga D

German Hazelnut Torte

A dear friend shared this delightful dessert. It is by far my special dessert that I treasure.

Author: Kelly Hagan

Plum Torte

So easy to make and it's delicious! Take advantage of plum season to make this torte. The torte base will complement many types of fruit. I've used regular...

Author: Frankie

Holy Cow Cake

Chocolaty, gooey, rich, and delicious!

Author: GDEEZY


This is a favorite traditional Filipino torta recipe baked during holidays and special occasions. These little cakes are so good, it's difficult to just...

Author: Cynthia Lancaster

Raspberry Filled Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream

A delicious chocolate cupcake with a gooey raspberry preserve filling, and classic vanilla buttercream icing! Top with fresh raspberries. These are cute,...

Author: Juliebug108

Easy Peanut Butter Cake & Peanut Butter Frosting

This cake is a must-make for any peanut butter lover. And it's so good it may convert non-peanut butter fans. You taste peanut butter in every layer of...

Author: Mary Ann F

Fudgy Wudgy

Soft spongy fudge chocolate cake melting into a sinful oblivion... a definite crowd pleaser!


Alabama Mud Cake

Great special occasion dessert or for any time.

Author: Sharon

Marbled Gugelhupf

An Austrian cake, similar to an American Bundt cake.

Author: Mikekey *

High Altitude Chocolate Cake

This moist chocolate cake never collapses, something I can't say for other cakes I've baked at high altitude! This cake has been tested at 9,000 feet and...

Author: Vespawoolf


This popular "novelty" cake is a hit at children's parties, especially around Halloween. You'll receive many appreciative compliments from your guests...

Author: star pooley

Three Layer Coconut Cake

A lovely cake for mother's day or any special occasion.

Author: Carol

Turtles® Cake II

Chocolate cake with a gooey caramel, pecan filling.

Author: K. Casler

Oatmeal Cake

Nutty and moist, this oatmeal cake is a wonderful recipe full of delicious nostalgia. It's so good, forget a plate. You'll find yourself eating it from...

Author: Jolayne Cooper

Red Devil's Food Cake

This recipe was my great grandmother's and I request it for my birthday every year. So much better than a box mix.

Author: jlsramek821

Southern Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake

this is a all time favorite of mine , my maw maw would make it every year for me as we came up from FL to AL to visit her yearly !!

Author: Renee Hardy

Vanilla Pound Cake

This is by far the best recipe I have ever tried for pound cakes. Add your own flavors but follow ingredients to a tee. The cake flour and whipping cream...

Author: Lisa


This is great for dieters and for Diabetics!!!!

Author: April Alvarez

Mom's Pound Cake

A sweet, dense pound cake with a nice orange flavor. Ice with your favorite chocolate or cream cheese icing.


Pineapple Pound Cake

This pound cake doesn't last long - it's delicious. Be sure not to pre-heat the oven, it changes the outcome of the cake. Found recipe in the Chattanooga...

Author: Valerie Johnson