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Spinach and Banana Power Smoothie

A quick, easy and surprisingly delicious vegan pick-me-up that makes the most of raw superfoods and protein-rich soy. I make one of these healthy treats...

Author: Erin Elisabeth

Luau Punch

This slushy fruit punch has been used for years by my family at birthday parties, summer gatherings and now my children ask for it at breakfast...it is...


Blackberry Liqueur

Some homemade fruit liqueurs make you wait for weeks or even months, but not this one. This spiced blackberry liqueur, also called creme de mure, is ready...

Author: Marianne

Lemon, Ginger, and Cinnamon Flavored Water

This is a healthy alternative to flavored bottled water for just pennies per serving.

Author: djalbers

Root Beer Float Cocktail

This grown-up version of a root beer float is fun enough to drink in a fancy frosted glass with a curly straw. I prefer International Delight® Cold Stone...

Author: NWMama

Mango Pineapple Smoothie

I invented this one day when I had leftover mango and pineapple juice. A spoonful of cream of coconut added the sweetness and special flavor with a tropical...


Swamp Water

This refreshing beverage has the appearance of swamp water, but the aroma and flavor are not unpleasant!

Author: C19651

Stoli Doli

Quick and easy martini made with pineapple infused vodka that is sure to please!

Author: WATTS3

Brandy Slush II

A delicious, cool drink on a hot day. A hit at showers, garden parties or just to laze around drinking. Serve by placing a few scoops of the slush in a...

Author: KMAYAN

Simple Moscow Mule

This is a vodka version of a dark and stormy.

Author: Lorem Ipsum

Hot Toddy Cocktail

The hot toddy is a classic winter warmer. Truth be told, it's good any time of year and works particularly well if you're battling a cold.

Author: Allrecipes

Apricot Brandy Slush

It takes a good 3 days to form a good slush! Combine 1/2 cup slush with 1/2 cup ginger ale to serve.

Author: KARLEEN77

Quick and Easy Moose Milk

This was created by my daughter and enjoyed by many. Try it your friends will be asking for the recipe. Adjust quantities according to company.

Author: Kenneth Smith

Raspberry Corona® Punch

This is a refreshing summertime beverage!

Author: Trisha Frary Haynes

Mama Mia

Equal parts amaretto, Southern Comfort, and top of with as much lime cordial as you feel necessary. Watch out, this one packs a punch.


The Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail

An otherwise simple mix of vodka and orange juice, the Harvey Wallbanger gets an extra kick from the vivid yellow, Italian herbal liqueur Galliano.

Author: Allrecipes

Easy Bloody Marys

Bloody Marys are perfect for that Sunday morning brunch. This can also be served as a virgin bloody Mary (minus the vodka).

Author: dilaurat

Alligator Swamp Water

Melon liqueur and orange juice make up this beautifully bright drink served over ice.


Melon Liqueur

Pureeing the melon before adding to the vodka is the secret to this recipe's success. The food coloring is the final touch that makes this almost indistinguishable...

Author: MrsElaineous

Caramel Apple Martini Pudding Shots

Super fun and unusual treat for cookouts! Freeze pudding shots until ready to serve.

Author: Sharon Dyson-Demers

Green Dragon Veggie Juice

Energizing and refreshing and a simple way to get your greens! Perfect first thing in the morning or as a savory afternoon treat. I like to add a pinch...

Author: France C

Cherry Breeze Martini

This recipe makes a wonderfully fruity martini! Garnish with a cherry or fresh pineapple wedge.

Author: T L Dixon

Big Kev's Texas Style Long Island Iced Tea

This Long Island Iced Tea Recipe is sure to make you party like you are from Texas!


Aileen's Punch

My sister's friend gave her this recipe years ago to use at our parents' 25th wedding anniversary party. We never had a name for it other than Aileen's...


Fruit Batido

Cool, refreshing drink with a milk base that is a common drink in Latin America, namely Panama. Can be made with almost any type of meaty fruit. Any type...

Author: Mommy1b2g

Orange Carrot Ginger Juice

Boost your immune system with an orange-carrot-ginger juice packed with healthy citrus and carrots. This juice has tons of flavor, a zing of tartness,...

Author: Megan Olson

Rowdy Red Rooster

An alcoholic beverage good for business get-togethers.

Author: Ashleigh

Shelby's Magic Potion

This is a fun drink to make with a group of children. My daughter's Brownie Troop loved it. Use any flavor of drink mix that you like!


Imitation Sprite®

This is a recipe I made in my spare time one day. I swear it tastes just like Sprite® but without the extra chemicals.

Author: Person who likes recipies #369

Adeni Tea

This recipe come from Aden, Yemen. Its great for a weekend brunch or breakfast. Sweet, rich, authentic, fragrant, and magical hot drink. Great for the...

Author: Abdulkader Babader

Lemon Gin Slush

A frozen drink from heaven! This drink will keep your friends happy and in the mood for fun all afternoon!

Author: mmurphy

Vodka Smoothie

Great fruity smoothie with just enough vodka to make you smile. Tastes great.


Baby Guinness

A delicious shooter that looks like a mini-pint of Guinness. Also learned this one in London.


Pink Panther

A nice drink to have around the pool on hot summer days. Garnish with umbrella, pineapple slice and cherry.

Author: Cheryl-Lynn Nadeau

Eggnog I

No Christmas is complete without eggnog!

Author: Denise

Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer

Why wait until fall to buy this coffee creamer when you can make it at home and enjoy it year round?

Author: Yoly

Purple Pansy Bride's Punch

Grape soda and pineapple sorbet make this a delicious punch. Add beautiful purple pansies to float in your punch bowl for a lovely touch. Be sure your...

Author: Allison S.F.

Keto Margarita

Enjoy this keto margarita without feeling guilty! This recipe uses Swerve® instead of sugar, and orange-flavored sparkling water to mimic the taste of...

Author: France C

Absolute Stress

One is enough to relieve most stress levels!

Author: David


This is the perfect cosmopolitan drink - very dry, and very smooth.

Author: Jen

Pressure Cooker Apple Cider

Fill your Instant Pot® with apples, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, and other fall spices to make this crowd-pleasing homemade cider.

Author: Anna Nelson

Pomegranate Martini II

I ordered this martini at a chain restaurant which we don't have in our area when I was visiting family out of town. I tried one, and fell in love with...

Author: Caroline's Momma

Holiday Coffee Liquor

One of our town's ancient citizens, Mabel Hill, passed away recently, but thanks to her grandniece, I was able to obtain her famous 'Kahlua®' recipe....

Author: Karen Barris Calabro

Grandma Z's Baileys® Irish Cream

My husband's Grandma Z made this every year at Christmas for as long as I can remember. Now, we make it every year and make a delicious toast to her. Serve...

Author: Tracie Schanen

Grilled Lemon Limeade

Once you see all the lemons and limes cooked and fragrant on the grill, you'll believe the extra steps to this limeade are worth the wait. The grilling...

Author: Matt Wencl

Alabama Slammer II

An intoxicating mixture of Southern Comfort, amaretto, grenadine and orange juice.

Author: ANG242424

Cucumber Cooler

I was desperate to come up with some cucumber recipes after my garden mass produced the veggie. I find this is a refreshing treat, especially after mowing...

Author: Kelly Baker-Hefley

Rosemary Ginger Cocktail

Rosemary and ginger give both a piney taste and a little bite to these gin cocktails.

Author: SandyG

Whiskey Paralyzer

My husband's co-worker made us these drinks one night, it is a variation of a paralyzer. They go down much smoother too, so you will not be feeling your...

Author: ambibambi

Rum Rickey Cocktail

We don't know who Rickey was, but he sure could make a tasty drink. Simply mix rum and lime juice together and top off with some club soda.

Author: Allrecipes